Staying on top of home maintenance issues is imperative for saving money and ensuring the safety of your family and home. Problems that can have a catastrophic effect, such as a fire, take up the majority of our attention, but what of the problems that aren’t so spectacular. Just because a problem isn’t as dramatic as a fire doesn’t make it any less dangerous to the safety of your home.

Below you’ll find 10 home maintenance items many overlook that still have the potential to cause you a huge headache.

Water Heater

Regardless of the type of heater you have, regular maintenance is a must. All water boilers need to be routinely flushed out to help combat the build up of sediment. If sediment is left to build within your heater it will be far less efficient which costs you extra money whilst also shortening the heater’s life span.

Air Conditioner

By the time summer rolls around your air con unit will probably have been left idle for a few months. This lack of attention could give rise to many different maintenance issues ultimately costing you a fair amount of money. Ideally you want a yearly service from a qualified professional to keep your units running at peak efficiency.

Gutters and Drainage

The last thing anyone needs is water damage caused by poorly maintained guttering and drainage channels. You’ll need to get up that ladder to clean your guttering of any debris every few months. Checking that all drainage pipes are kept clear of obstruction is also incredibly important. Spending a little on drain cleaners and clearing those gutters could save you a lot in the long run.

Smoke Detectors

For such an important safety device it’s surprising how many of us neglect their maintenance. Once a month you should be checking the battery of all smoke detectors in the house. Taking 5 minutes to press the test button of every detector is a small price to pay for a device that saves lives.


Whether in the bathroom, kitchen or living areas of your house, proper ventilation is incredibly important for your general health and well being, especially for those with allergies. Not only will good ventilation help reduce allergens but proper extraction in the bathroom and kitchen will help combat the build up of mould which, over time, could damage your property. If you’re unsure on how to maintain these appliances, be sure to get a trained professionals advice.


Whether using tiles, shingles or corrugated iron, no one wants a leaky roof. As your primary defence against most of the elements you want to repair any roof damage as soon as it appears. If you’re not conducting regular checks that small leak could grow to a large and costly hole. Roof repair West Palm Beach is a professional roofing and roof repair company to be referred to in such cases.

Appliance Maintenance

There are plenty of appliances we use on a daily basis that are rarely check. If you want your appliances to run as efficiently as possible saving you money, you’ll need to keep them well maintained. Amongst the items for you to tick off are hoovering your refrigerator coils, removing dryer lint and checking your washing machine hoses for leaks. Any daily used appliances should be checked regularly for problems.

Windows and Doors

Your heating bill will invariably be more expensive through the winter months. To help save money check all windows and doors for any signs of air leakage. If needed, replace seals and add weather strips or draught excluders to increase insulation and save you money.

Gas Appliances

High levels of carbon monoxide can lead to health issues and can even be fatal in large amounts. Regularly check all gas appliances and any gas piping for leaks. As the gas is odorless we recommend purchasing carbon monoxide detectors for your home.

Air Filters

Poor air quality can cause all manner of health and respiratory issues. Any appliance that uses an air filter will need to have it checked and replaced, regularly. Be sure to check your ventilation, air conditioners as well as your furnace’s air filter.

With a little diligence you should be able to prevent the majority of maintenance issues from developing into extremely costly fixes. We recommend that you have a regular walkthrough of your home, perhaps every 3 months, to check all of the above and paying particular attention to the items that will be important in the upcoming season.

What home maintenance issues do you often overlook or think are important for everyone to check? Is there anything we’ve missed off the list that’s of vital importance?

Image – The Shady88