To quote Ned Stark, a character from a very popular book and TV show, winter is coming. Well, to be more precise we’re entering fall which will see trees shedding leaves, days getting shorter and the temperatures beginning to drop. Although we’re not yet contending with the icy weather of the winter months, we’re at a great point in which to get your home ready to withstand the upcoming cold weather. Before the weather get’s really cold you’d be wise to get out and inspect your home for any maintenance issues which could cause you a headache come winter. Let’s face it, the last place you want to be in the middle of winter is at the top of a ladder cleaning out your gutters!

Check out our list of 5 items to tick off your fall cleaning checklist to help you have a problem free winter.


Your gutters should be cleaned every quarter ideally. If you’re unable to undertake this task every quarter, the one time of year that it is of vital importance is fall. With the shedding of leaves there’s a very high risk that your gutters are going to become very clogged which can lead to a number of issues.

The extra weight of dozens of leaves can cause the guttering to not only come apart at the joins but also potentially sag and come away from your house. You’ll not only have to foot the bill to fix the guttering but also run the risk of extra water damage as the guttering can no longer safely lead it away from your home.


The first thing people think of when it comes to fall is the wonderful colour of all of the leaves as they fall from the trees. Whilst the wonderful reds, oranges and yellows of falling leaves are a sight to behold, they have the potential to cause issues which can cost you extra money in the along run. Excessive leaf coverage can cause your grass and plants to die, they can turn your walk paths into slip hazards, stain your decking and if left against the house can harbour damp causing damage to your home’s exterior. Be sure to rake your front and rear gardens, especially close to the house. If you’re into your recycling consider mulching the leaves as they make great compost.

Ventilation System

Chances are as the weather gets colder you’re going to increasingly rely on your heating. Before we get to the point where heating is a necessity you’re going to need to get your ventilation system cleaned and ready for heavy usage. Without doing so, there’s the chance that it could break down in the middle of winter or even present a fire hazard. There’s also the much more likely problem of a spread of allergens. If your ventilation is full of dust you’re going to be sneezing for the best part of winter.


As the temperatures drop we all tend to crank the heat up on our showers and spend much longer enjoying this warmth. With the heat turned up there’s going to be a lot more steam, steam that if left in the bathroom could contribute to the growth of mould and the degradation of your tile grouting. Be sure that your bathroom extraction is working effectively to prevent the hassle and cost to re-tile or de-mould your bathroom.


Winter is a miserable time of year where your home offers a welcome respite from the cold and wet. To keep your home dry and warm you’re going to want to make sure that it is fully watertight. Make sure you check all caulking for windows and doors, repair any potential holes in your roof as well as any wall cracks and ensure all external surfaces are properly treated.

Ticking off all items on this checklist will make sure that you’re home is well on the way to being prepared for the colder months. What other items do you think are important for your fall cleaning checklist?

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