Did you just have an annual inspection on your heating/cooling system and the technician said the exchanger needed cleaning? Are you one of those individuals who loves to DIY and save money? Lots of us are! So, you write exchanger cleaning on your list for the weekend.

Exchanger DIY cleaning

You go to ehow.com and find the steps to clean your exchanger. First, you have to sort through all the sites that talk about home systems and that talk about industrial size systems. But, you are happy you found what seems to be some easy steps.

First step: turn off the power to the furnace. That’s easy!

Second step: remove the outer panel of the furnace case. That’s easy too!

Third step: identify the heat exchange. Whoa! I know I thought I could clean this thing, but I don’t know what it looks like. So, I go on the Internet and find a picture. Ok, next step.

Fourth step: wipe the heat exchange down …. So, I understand the directions, but I look further down the list of DIY steps. I start to wonder about water near electricity. Do I really know what I’m doing? Will I just create more problems if that water gets in a place it shouldn’t?

All of a sudden I am wondering how DIY or brave I am! Especially when I read that water in the electrical system could be the cause of an electrical fire. How secure am I in my knowledge and skills?

In this case, not very. My DIY personality knows when a task should be done by a professional. Sound like you? We would be happy to help you. Contact us and we will answer your questions and possibly schedule a service for your furnace/cooling system.