You enjoy living in Laval, and frequently visit the Cosmodome and the Nature Centre. The air quality rating is usually good, so outdoor activities with your family are a priority on weekends. You hear of other cities where the pollution limits outdoor activities at times, and you are glad Laval is not one of those cities.

Having Good Air Quality in Your Home

However, in the house, you notice everyone sneezes more and the kids have the sniffles. You wish the air inside the house was rated as good as the air outside the house. So, you open the windows hoping to clean the air inside the house.

But, the problem isn’t in the air. The problem is probably in the fine particulate matter that is in the air ducts. Laval enjoys a good air quality rating; however, air quality reports indicate there are fine particulate matter in the air. It is this matter than is a principal component of smog and is probably living in the air ducts causing the sneezing and sniffles.

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