Hard on the heels of the Fire Prevention Week celebrated 6-12 October and sponsored by Fire Prevention Canada, we thought this the perfect time to discuss home fire prevention.

Three Steps to Home Fire Prevention

Step One: Take precautions when cooking. Since accidents while cooking with oil or grease are often a major cause of home fires in Canada, it is important to take precautions when doing so. Be sure to cook using the proper kitchen implements, keep tools on hand for smothering a possible flame, and be ready to react quickly and appropriately to any incidental flare up, remembering that a wrong or ignorant reaction can cause more harm than good.

Step Two: Keep a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it. Since fire extinguishers can be invaluable in the event of small fires, homeowners recommend not only to keep one on hand but also to be familiar with how they work. Since you will not have time to bother with the instructions in the event of an actual fire, it is further recommended that you spend time familiarizing yourself with the instructions until you can make use of the extinguisher without undue hesitation. You will find more useful information on the subject of the proper use of fire extinguishers here.

Step Three: Invest in some preventative maintenance. Since lack of maintenance is listed as the number one cause of dryer fires, it is important both to keep the lint rack of your dryer clear and to ensure that the dryer vents are functioning properly. In order to maintain proper air flow, it is recommended that the vents be cleaned every two to three years.

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