If you are like most people, you purchase an appliance, and use it. As long as it is working right, we ignore the appliance. Think about your dryer. You clean the lint trap when needed, but unless there is a problem, why do anything else?

Maintain your Dryers

Well, our dryers need attention just like our cars. We take our cars in for periodic maintenance, but what about the clothes dryer? No, we aren’t advocating that you take your dryer in for maintenance. But, we do want you to know the periodic maintenance your clothes dryer is longing for. If you do periodic maintenance on your dryer, then it will dry clothes faster, use less electricity, and will be a safer appliance.

How often? Not as often as you have the oil changed in your car! But you do need to periodically have your dryer vent cleaned. How often? That depends on how often you use the dryer, what you use it for, and how long it has been since the vents were cleaned. It also depends on the layout of the ductwork.

Not having a problem, so you think this is unncessary? Think about your car again. We don’t wait for a problem to have the oil changed, we just know the maintenance will prevent problems. Same thing with the dryer vents. Having them cleaned properly will keep the lint from becoming a fire hazard and will increase the efficiency of the dryer.

Sound confusing? It can be. We do not want it to be confusing. We also don’t want you to order services you do not need. So, please contact us and ask us your questions about dryer vent cleaning. We would be happy to talk with you and help you understand the process.