House cleaning. It’s hardly an activity to relish and I’m sure we’d all avoid it if we could. When cleaning day catches up with us our main aim is to keep the suffering to a minimum and get our chores out of the way as soon as possible, unfortunately, in the pursuit for a quick resolution there’s a few areas of the home that are often overlooked when cleaning and dusting. Below we’ve listed 5 often overlooked areas so that you can be sure your home is as clean as humanly possible!

Ceiling Fans

When you’re cleaning your house, or even walking down the street, how many times do you stop to look up? I’m sure it’s a pretty rare occurrence unless prompted. Obviously the areas of your home which require you to look up tend to be slightly more neglected than areas at or below your eye line. As a result, they’re usually where you’ll find a large amount of dust and grime build up. A quick wipe down will stop your fan from spreading dust and dirt across your rooms when you turn them on. The best part is this is only going to take you a few minutes!

Blower Fan

Blower fans come in all shapes and sizes, from the fan in your laptop to large industrial machines providing ventilation and airflow for entire buildings. As with most appliances that run in the background, it’s easy to forget that there’s maintenance and cleaning that needs to be carried out. The build up of dust and dirt within your blower fan not only lowers air quality and poses a risk to allergy sufferers but could also become a fire risk if not maintained. You’re not able to simply run a cloth over your fan so will need to get it looked at by a trained professional, if you’re within our serviced areas we’ll be happy to help you out with yours!

Behind Your Refrigerator

There’s pretty much 2 reasons why most of us won’t clean behind and underneath our refrigerators, the first being genuine oversight, the second being something akin to laziness! Being a large, cumbersome appliance it’s easy to put off moving it and cleaning until ‘next time’, only to once again procrastinate when the time comes. Unfortunately the underside of refrigerators have a tendency to collect small amounts of water from defrosted ice or an overflowing water collection tray. This water, if left unchecked, is a great breeding ground for mould which can cause various sanitary and respiratory problems. Make sure you’re not constantly putting off clueing behind your refrigerator!

Curtains and Blinds

Wiping down cabinet tops, cleaning tables and hoovering are all part of a general cleaning regime. An item that tends to get missed is the cleaning of curtains and blinds. Covering our windows actually puts these items at a higher risk of collecting dust and allergens. If you open your window for ventilation your drapes and blinds act as a sort of trap for all sorts of outdoors dust and allergens. To combat this, you should really be taking curtains down to run them through a hot wash every few months as well as ensuring that all blinds are regularly cleaned with a damp cloth.

Baseboards & Door Frames

Here we have two areas which pretty sneakily acquire a buildup of dust and grime over time. Most of us would be happy to give both baseboards and door frames a quick wipe down once in a while, the truth is that they actually need a lot more attention. Once a month you should be giving your baseboards a thorough dusting followed by a wipe down with a soft cotton cloth, door frames should also be receiving the same treatment. If you check these areas of your home now, you might be surprised with what you find!

It’s likely you won’t realise that the above areas are accumulating dirt and grime, however, we’re willing to bet that you’ll be astounded with the difference a little attention to them can make. Are there any specific areas within your home that you overlook when going through your cleaning and dusting routine?

Image – John Liu