If the temperature of the air discharging from your air conditioning system isn’t 15 degrees below the room temperature, then your air ducts may be filthy. Air ducts that are improperly installed, not changed out consistently, and/or inoperable, may become polluted with particles of dust, pollen, or other debris. Mold can also be a problem if moisture is present and can be released via the air flow into your living space. The contaminants released into your home can cause health issues like allergic reactions, respiratory problems, or other health related issues, if people are exposed to them.

Best Way to Clean your Duct System

There are many different ways to clean your duct system, but your best option would be to have a qualified professional clean all the components of your heating and cooling system. The service provider has the expertise and special tools to dislodge all dirt and debris from ducts to ensure the heating or cooling system is fully clean, and your home is not re-contaminated. Air ducts need to be inspected and cleaned routinely. If not, the problem will persist, and you will continue to lose money or time by continuously hiring a service provider or cleaning out air ducts on your own.

Breathe Well intends to do just that for your home. They strive to make the home safer and cleaner for you, your family and company, so that you can breathe well. Breathe Well uses botanical disinfectants approved by the EPA(Enviornmental Protection Agency) for air duct cleaning and provide filters that are easy to clean, once every two years.

To “breathe with a complete peace of mind,” contact us.